Reading Room

Malcom Chapman read poster

Malcom was a new life insurance agent in 1990 when he attended a sales conference in San Diego, CA changed his professional life. During a session, the presenter encouraged the audience to take away something meaningful they could apply to the way they did business. He challenged Malcom, along with the rest of the audience, to read one book a week saying that it would, over time, provide a professional knowledge base for their chosen field that they could rely on and feel comfortable with. Malcom accepted the challenge!

Malcom began reading one professional book a week after receiving the challenge in 1990, and he has remained committed to this form of professional education.

A personal note from Malcom

You know, what? The presenter was was right!

I present the same challenge to you. I challenge you to read, think and apply. I too, believe that the way to grow rich is through thought. Earl Nightingale said it best, “We become what we think about, most of the time.”

Over the years, some of the books I have read in response to that presenter's challenge have become foundational to who I am and the work that I do:

Each week, I post the title of book I am currently reading on Twitter. Follow me on Twitter or visit this site to view my Twitter feed to find out what book I am reading that week.