Malcom presenting at the National League of Cities

Two fundamental components of Malcom’s work are The Five Powers and the Experiential Learning Model.

Every lesson, every situation, every solution can be framed within the concepts of The Five Powers:

The Experiential Learning Model is a method for learning that stresses the role of experience in learning, viewing learning as a continuous process grounded in experience. It includes five steps:

Malcom specializes in tailoring practical learning programs to his clients' needs and The Five Powers and the Experiential Learning Model provide the framework for those programs. He focuses on making an impact in the areas of leadership, customer service, the Five Powers, workforce education, and sales. Additionally, Malcom facilitates sessions, provides keynote addresses, and gives other classes on a wide range of topics.

In today’s competitive business environment there is no substitute for professional employees and strong leaders who treat each person with the competent enthusiasm that wins confidence. It isn’t just a matter of finding the right people to do the job, you need to give your employees the tools they need to perform as professionals. Malcom presents these skills with a thoughtful approach, an understanding of your industry, and an ability to to tailor basic skills to your employees' everyday challenges.