First Friday

First Friday is a gathering of individuals from varied professions who come together to discuss their community, each from their unique perspective. On the first Friday of each month, three people invited by Malcom gather together to have lunch—to simply sit down and share a meal.

There is no formal theme, none is needed. It is like morning coffee around your breakfast people. It creative conversation that is reminiciant of, has similarities to,a jazz music jam session.

In his book Jamming: The Art and Discipline of Business Creativity, John Kao says that to jam:

". . .is to take theme , a question, a notion, an idea, pass it around, break it up, put it together, turn it over, run it backward, fly with it as far as possible, out of sight, never retreating…but yes, here it comes, homing in, changed, new, the essence, like nothing ever before. Like jazz, creativity has its vocabulary and conventions. As in jazz, too, its paradoxes create tensions. It demands free expressiveness, and disciplined self-control, solitude in a crowded room, acceptance and defiance, serendipity and direction. And, like jazz, creativity is a process, not a thing; and therefore you can observe, analyze, understand, even manage it."

First Friday is jamming. Instead of creating music these talented people create ideas and connections.